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We help you eliminate carbon emissions from heating, hot water and cooling by replacing fossil fuels with heat pumps.

Demystifying heat pumps.

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We provide professional engineering design expertise for commercial and industrial renewable energy system projects. Our key focus is on commercial and industrial heat pumps using the ground, lakes, rivers and sewage heat recovery as heat sources. The design and specification of biomass CHP and other niche technologies are also offered, along with district heating and cooling network design and development.

We exist to win the respect of customers by delivering high quality, innovative designs, drawings and models. Customer satisfaction and attention to detail are at the heart of what we do.

A personal approach in a world full of technology

The commercial world is currently facing numerous pressures to meet decarbonisation objectives; from Government targets to a Net-Zero future, the challenges are real. But how do you know which solution is right for your needs?

Heat pumps made accessible.

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of UK homes, equalling around 24.5 million houses, are heated by natural gas.

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of UK carbon emissions come from generating heating and hot water in our homes and businesses.

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Do heat pumps really work? As part of our Myth Busters: Heat Pump Edition, expert Laura Bishop breaks down the science behind heat pumps and explores how the technology has been effectively used in household appliances for decades.

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