Environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions.

Infinitas Design are experts at designing innovative and accessible commercial and industrial heat pump solutions. 

Heat pumps are specialist heating and cooling systems and need to be treated as such

Perhaps you’ve heard the stories of heat pumps not working correctly, and you’re worried about installing the system in your site or building and integrating it with your existing heat network? We’re here to help.

  • We will help you decarbonise buildings through sustainable heat pump solutions and impact climate change.
  • We follow clear and effective processes to make heat pumps more accessible.
  • We will translate your heating requirements into reality by listening to your needs.
  • All our innovative designs comply with government legislation and regulations.
  • We will help you meet carbon targets by using new and innovative technology.
  • We will design heat pump systems and integrate them within the building.
  • We will improve the lives of those that use the building by helping them to breathe fresher air.
  • We care about the environment.
  • We bring excellence to our projects by getting them right the first time.
  • We are open and honest; we will tell you if any issues arise.
  • Our engineers explain everything in a straightforward manner.
  • We are reliable.
  • We work with complete transparency.

It is important we remain true to our values in everything we do.


We are passionate about what we do. We aim to provide innovative solutions that reduce carbon emissions and solve heating and environmental challenges.


Our mission is to make heat pumps more accessible. We are patient, understanding and prompt communicators. We operate with complete transparency, informing you if any problems arise. We listen to our customers first. Then we find the best solution for the project even if you can’t articulate your problem or know only your desired goal.


Customer satisfaction and attention to detail are at the heart of what we do. We bring excellence into our services by getting it right the first time, ensuring costs don’t escalate. Our processes are clear and effective, so our solutions are easy to understand. Being experienced experts, we can tell if a heat pump is suitable for you through a detailed investigation.


As pioneers in the heat pump industry, we develop innovative solutions that help us move closer to the net-zero future. With a strong track record of successful projects, we can ensure that you fulfil your sustainability goals. We use math and physics, not rules of thumb, to design heat pumps. By listening, we understand your needs. Then we translate your requirements into reality and deliver a specialist design service.


With integrity at the heart of our business, we always do what we say we will. We are open about issues and challenges and offer solutions that are best for you. We are different to big companies, bringing a human aspect and making all our communications feel more personal. Our engineers are approachable and work with the customer, making you a part of our team.

Bringing a human aspect to the engineering world

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Straight-talking engineers, cutting through the jargon

Our work

Gloucestershire College: an ambitious net zero retrofit

Find out how we have supported a UK college in leading the drive for decarbonisation in the education sector. An ambitious project to create sustainable campuses of the future.

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Straight-talking engineers, cutting through the jargon