Heat Pumps 101 –
An Experts Guide
to the Essentials

In our new video series, Heat Pumps 101 – An Expert’s Guide to the Essentials, we delve into the fundamental concepts crucial to enhancing your knowledge and enabling you to make an informed decision when selecting a heat pump solution.

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Episode 1

Heat Pumps 101 – How a heat pump works

How does a heat pump work? In the first episode of Heat Pumps 101, we break down the stages that a heat pump goes through in order to generate the heating you need.

Episode 2

How does a heat pump generate heat when it is cold outside?

Our second episode of Heat Pumps 101 explores how heat pumps extract energy from air, ground, or water to generate heating, even in cold temperatures.

Episode 3

Getting the right heat pump for your needs

In our third episode of Heat Pumps 101, we dive into selecting the ideal heat pump for your needs based on practicality, cost, and efficiency. Discover which type best fits your project.

Episode 4

How to make your heat pump more efficient

In Episode 4 of Heat Pumps 101, we demystify achieving peak efficiency with your heat pump, exploring the pivotal Coefficient of Performance (COP) and diving into key considerations like energy source selection and building factors.

Episode 5

How to monitor heat pump efficiency

During Heat Pumps 101, Episode 5, we explore the importance of monitoring your heat pump and how to do it. Learn how effective monitoring can lead to significant energy and cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Episode 6

How to reduce the running cost of your heat pump

In Episode 6 of Heat Pumps 101, we tackle optimising your heat pump system for cost efficiency. Uncover the strategies to minimise electricity usage, enhance system performance, and leverage energy storage options to reduce running costs.

Episode 7

How to reduce the carbon footprint of your heat pump

In our final episode of Heat Pumps 101, we highlight ways to minimise the carbon footprint of your heat pump. Grasp the nuances of embodied versus operational carbon and receive practical tips for enhanced sustainability.

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