All about Nuno

I’m Nuno, I work on the technical aspects of Infinitas projects.

Working on renewable energy systems is my passion, and I use this to inspire my work.

I’m always here for our clients to support their projects and explain what it all means in clear terms. No matter how small the question, I want to make sure our clients feel supported at all times.

I’m incredibly patient, no matter what a project throws at me, I keep calm and use my knowledge and skills to find a solution.

A good working environment is vital for me. Being happy at work allows me to do my best. Honesty and integrity are the values I hold highest; these are key to everything we do in life.

At home in Portugal, we have an entire room full of musical instruments. I play the guitar, and my brother plays the drums. For three years running, I organised an alternative rock festival near my home town. It was small, but we had a tremendous amount of fun organising it all. I also love to watch football and formula 1 racing. Go team Red Bull!

Founder and Managing Director

Working on the technical side

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Straight-talking engineers, cutting through the jargon