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  • Renewable Heat System Stopped Working?image001
  • Not Getting Your RHI Payments?
  • Biomass Boiler or Heat Pump Not Working for You?
  • Disappointed with your Renewable Heat Installation?
  • Not Getting the Returns You Expected?

If this sounds like your system, Infinitas Design can help.

So, what can we do for you?

Everything starts with a site visit. We will come to your building to look at the plant, the layout and any documents you have. We may be able to make recommendations based on visual or obvious issues. For example, one school we visited had a biomass boiler that had been commissioned to burn wood pellets but was struggling to burn wood chip. These sorts of issues can easily be rectified.
We may also take the documentation away or contact the original designer/installer, if you are happy for us to do so and they are still operating. We will carry out independent checks on the design to find the root cause of any problems.

If we cannot find the problem, we can engage hands-on specialists who are experienced in trouble shooting biomass boilers and heat pump installations though various practical means. We will guide you through this process and can manage the specialists on your behalf until we get to a satisfactory outcome and you can use your system as you expected to.

If this sounds useful, drop us an email or call our Derby office on 07813 069940. There is no problem too small or too silly. We can get some details from you and may even be able to suggest something over the phone.