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The first Heat Pump Focus event in the UK

Posted on 19 November 2019


The Low Carbon Homes event in Manchester provided the forum for the first Heat Pump Focus event in the UK. This was devised following the specific interest in heat pumps at previous Low Carbon Homes shows. The morning was quite quiet, possibly due in part to the main bit of the show happening on the ground floor with the heat pump guys up on the first floor. A good conversation was had with an architect practice looking at heat pumps in a small housing development and in private schools in the Cheshire area. The architect in question started out asking about a client’s development and rapidly moved on to enlisting his own neighbours to sign up to a communal ground source heat pump system! A potential win-win for all.

The afternoon was a lot busier with the Heat Pump Focus talks. Fortunately, Infinitas was one of the first to present meaning we got the biggest audience, still fresh from lunch rather than being at the end of the bill when people are flagging. Our topic was The Value of Engineering Design – one of my favourite topics where I shared horror stories of what can go wrong without good design. The main messages – “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” and “there always seems to be money to fix things afterwards” – which could be avoided by investing a little more upfront to get a good design in the first place. The talk seemed to be well received. It’s always good to use real world examples and I have plenty of those unfortunately.

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A few photos from the presentation.