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Infinitas-Design Product Innovation – Building Update

Posted on 19 March 2018


Published in Building Update

Building Update is happy to announce that Infinitas Design has been selected for this issue’s Product Innovation profile, whereby we will be showcasing the very best that the engineering consultants have to provide.

Infinitas Design was first set up back in 2014 by founder Laura Bishop, who after gaining extensive years of experience as a Chartered Engineer, turned her eye to consultancy in order to help people up and down the country with their commercial and industrial projects. Infinitas Design specialises in renewable energies, particularly in providing biomass boilers and water source heat pumps from only the most reliable suppliers. Having over a decades experience in engineering, Laura Bishop is one of the most trusted and respected consultants in the industry, and is even part of the Policy Development Committee on the Ground Source Heat Pump Association, which liaises with the government in order to increase understanding of and conversion to more energy smart heat pump systems. Bio Mass plant design Infinitas Design Derbyshire renewable energy consultant

Based in Derby, Infinitas Design are able to offer their services up and down the entirety of the UK, and can help with an array of energy issues, including system sizing, modelling, dealing with schematics, and troubleshooting existing system problems. We spoke to Laura about what sets Infinitas Design apart from other engineering consultants, to which she explained, “We are an independent company and as such, we are not affiliated with any one supplier or product, meaning everything we recommend is only what is genuinely best suited to the client’s needs. On top of that, we have a vast network of contacts and are also able to supply advice on-site so we can see exactly what the client is working with and what energy solutions would work best.” They have worked with a wide range of clients across the country, such as schools, hospitals and councils, though they mainly work with system installers, especially those who have no in-house design team themselves.

One of the best things about Infinitas Design’s solutions is that they champion renewability and sustainability, with their biomass boilers and water source heat pumps using the ground, lakes, rivers and sewage heat recovery as heat sources. In addition to supplying great products, Infinitas Design can also provide professional advice on anything from water source heat pumps to biomass boilers, district heat schemes and the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

Some of their most common requests are related to the government RHI scheme, which has seen considerable changes to legislature as of September 2017, with more changes renewable energy consultanthaving been brought in during early 2018. With the RHI scheme, commercial and industrial businesses and property owners/landlords and more could see significant cash incentives if they install ‘eligible technology’ or renewable energy systems, such as biomass boilers, solar thermal panels, ground to water heat pumps and more. Infinitas Design can help with the lengthy and often complicated application process, doing everything from visiting the site to collecting documents and photos, conducting RHI heat loss assessments, RHI compliant schematics, and writing Independent Metering Reports (IRMAs). Better yet, they can even step in halfway through the application stage if the original energy consultants rescind services, leaving the client in the lurch. As the deadline for applications and installation for RHI purposes ends March 2021, it is important that property owners get in contact now for help with the process.

One of Infinitas Design’s most notable projects included working with Dundee & Angus College, based in Arbroath, who needed help with their inoperative biomass boiler. Infinitas Design carefully looked through their existing heat generation system and advised the college to decommission and remove their existing biomass and gas boilers and install a new one. The company produced detailed and expert designs covering the plant room layout, hydraulic schematics and tender specifications, and worked with the college to properly install their new 800 kW boilers, and later their 15,000l buffer vessels and pumps.

Infinitas Design’s troubleshooting services covers a wide range of energy related aspects, including dealing with missing RHI payments, investigating and fixing faulty biomass boilers and heat pumps, and dealing with incorrectly installed systems. In the event Infinitas Design cannot rectify the problem themselves, they can quickly and easily find an experienced specialist who can help instead.

If you would like to get in contact with Infinitas Design then be sure to give them a call on the number below or check out the website for more information.

T +44 (0)1332 854639


Source – Building Update Publication