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Invest in Renewable Energy in Oxfordshire

Posted on 20 February 2020


Low Carbon Hub chief executive Barbara Hammond at Larkrise Primary School, east Oxford, with teacher Ed Finch and the hub’s solar panel array on the school roof. Picture: Richard Cave

People in Oxfordshire are to get another chance to invest in a range of innovative renewable energy projects across the county.

Oxford’s Low Carbon Hub has said it will be reopening its Community Energy Fund to investors next month.

The hub uses funds to install and run solar panel arrays and other green energy schemes.

The group said: “It’s the investment opportunity that puts your money to work delivering local energy projects to tackle climate change, and pays you interest along the way in return for your support.”

That interest is a five per cent return on investment, capped at four per cent for the first four years.

The hub went on: “With your investment, we can make a low carbon energy system that works for all of us, and for the planet, a reality.

“We’ll be sharing more information on this year’s Community Energy Fund in March, but in the meantime, we’d love to know that we have your support.”

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Source: Oxford Mail