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Heat Pump Industry Welcomes Government Commitment

Posted on 29 January 2021



Release date – 21st January 2021

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association and Heat Pump Federation are delighted that The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has published its response to the Future Home Standard (FHS) and Part L Consultation and that Government has re-stated its commitment to rolling out heat pumps across the UK housing stock.

In the FHS document, published on January 19th, MHCLG said: “that a low carbon heating system will be integral to the specification of the Future Homes Standard and we anticipate that heat pumps will become the primary heating technology for new homes.”

The central document and the associated materials on SAP 10.1 contain a raft of measures which clearly set out the vital role that the electrification of heat, through the installation of heat pumps, will play in the thirty years between now and the legally binding Net Zero deadline.

Laura Bishop, Chair of the GSHPA said: “The next transitional decade will be a challenge for the whole Built Environment sector, but positive collaboration between all parties will enable environmental responsibility as well as being sustainable in skills, product and market proposition development, and in building the confidence of the public in heat pump technology.”

“It is essential that all new homes and commercial buildings are Net Zero ready as quickly as possible. The timescale for this cannot be allowed to extend, but the greater task will be in treating our existing housing stock where fabric improvements must march hand-in-hand with the replacement of carbon-intensive heating systems.”

Bean Beanland of the HPF, sister organisation to the GSHPA, which also represents end users of heat pumps, said: “All eyes will be on how the necessary seismic shift away from fossil fuels will be funded. It is essential that new mechanisms are found to pave the way for massive private investment whilst still protecting those who cannot self-fund or who are in, or close to, fuel poverty.”

“Heat pumps already deliver the lowest cost heat energy when combined with time of use tariffs and other flexibility instruments, and we look forward to working with the government to construct the policies that will be needed to deliver on the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan, the Energy White Paper, the FHS and the forthcoming Heat & Buildings Strategy.”


For further information:

Laura Bishop, chair of the GSHPA: / 01332 854639 / 07813 069940

Bean Beanland of the Heat Pump Federation: / 07393 399685