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Heat Pump Industry Response to PM’s Green Industrial Revolution

Posted on 22 November 2020


The Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) and the Heat Pump Federation (HPF) welcome
today’s statement from the Prime Minister and his wish to see 600,000 heat pumps installed every
year from 2028.

Reducing carbon emissions through the electrification of heat is essential to the delivery of Net Zero
and significantly improves in urban air quality. It will enhance the UK’s energy security and the UK
balance of payments, by on-shoring energy resources.

Laura Bishop, Chair of the GSHPA said: “I am pleased to see ground source heat pumps figure
prominently in the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan. Increased deployment of heat pumps in homes
and businesses is vital if the UK is to deliver Net Zero. It will provide a major stimulus to job creation
across the country. Working with the Government, investment in training and skills development
will be hugely necessary to achieve this massive change.”

Bean Beanland of the Heat Pump Federation said: “The PM’s statement is excellent news for the
heat pump sector. However, a clear and stable long-term policy from the Government will be
required to ensure that private investment funds can be drawn into the industry”.

“The heavy lifting must start now to ramp up the manufacture of heat pumps in the UK and their
increased deployment in people’s homes up and down the country. Working in partnership with
Government, there is also a job to do to communicate the benefits of heat pumps to consumers.”

It is widely accepted that UK will need to install at least 1 million heat pumps a year over the next
10-15 years if this country is to decarbonise heat and deliver Net Zero.

Members of the GSHPA are primarily system designers, contractors and installers. It has over 140
members located across the UK.

The GSHPA works in close partnership with the Heat Pump Federation which was formed earlier this
year to assemble a broader energy sector coalition (utilities, consultants, contractors, heat networks
specialists, and manufacturers) supporting the electrification of heat and, notably, to engage with
both the Government and the users. Business members include Centrica Business Solutions, Octopus
Energy and Good Energy.

Source – GSHPA responds to Boris Johnson’s 10-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution