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GSHPA Webinars

Posted on 12 August 2020

During the lockdown, the GSHPA put together a series of 30-minute webinars on Thursday afternoons at 1 pm.  You can view all of the webinars in the videos below.

We are pleased to announce that the GSHPA webinars are continuing and a full list of dates and topics can be found on the GSHPA Website. 

We will also be adding them here so if you can’t make the live shows, make sure to bookmark this page and pop back soon. 



Chris Davidson – Open Loop Boreholes – Above the Ground 

David Banks – Open Loop – Come All You Gallant Colliers Mine Energy Renaissance? 

Chris Davidson – Open Loop Boreholes for WSHPs 

Andrea Ellison – THe Importance of Education when it comes to GSHP. Spreading the word.

Tim Baker – Appointing Contractors, Regulations and Insurance 

Laura Bishop – Integrating heat pumps into retrofit projects. 

Edward Thompson – Fourth to Fifth Generation Heat Networks.

Joshua Collins & Neil Parry – The Future of Heat Networks Pairing heat interface units with low temp heat networks.

Shane McDonald – Heating & Cooling with Heat Pumps on Farms.  

Edward Thompson – The UK Fiscal Background is hindering investment in the decarbonisation of heat. What needs to be done? 

David Boon & Steve Thorpe –  BGS tools in ground source heating systems design

Bean Beanland – MCS Contractors – responsibilities & protections 

Chirs Toze – Covid-19 and the UK Energy Market

John Findlay and Iain Howley – Open-loop systems

Ken Kneale – The Importance of Flow Temperatures on Heat Pump Performance

Chris Davidson – Heating and Cooling with Ground Force

Laura Bishop- 4th and 5th Generation Heat Networks 

Tim Baker – Design of Closed Loop Borehole Systems: Part 4

John Findlay – Design of Closed Loop Borehole Systems: Part 3

Robin Curtis – Design of Closed Loop Borehole Systems: Part 2

Chris Davidson Design of Closed Loop Borehole Systems: Part 1

Bean Beanland & Laura Bishop – Tariff Guarantees

Dave Jones – How To Ensure Your Heat Pump is Smart Grid Ready

Laura Bishop- The Importance of Design in Heat Pumps

Bean Beanland – Heat Pumps in the UK