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Infinitas Design Ltd offers CPD training  on renewable heat systems

Posted on 22 January 2019


Shortly before Christmas, Infinitas Design Ltd carried out a period of continued professional development (CPD) training to the architects at the Crosby Granger practice in Kendal. The team specialise in the sympathetic redevelopment of historic buildings.

The training in this case covered the background to Infinitas Design and the reason for our being. Several case studies were presented, focussing on historic developments that we have been involved with as well as one or two newer build projects.

In each case, the background to the reason for choosing renewable heat over a fossil fuelled CPD Training provider Infinitas-Designalternative and the decision process made between Infinitas and the client was presented.

We were able to explain what the team should be looking for when on site or talking with a client if they believed a renewable heat option such as biomass boilers or heat pumps could form part of their proposal.

We were also able to show how renewable heat had been deployed in historic buildings, the benefits and pitfalls as well as the results. We had a particular discussion on the use of heat pumps in churches and how their large thermal mass can be a benefit to the use of lower temperature generation, providing a gentle, constant heat to the building even though they can be draughty buildings.  A lively discussion on how a heat pump worked and the internal heat exchange circuits was also held, although this level of detail is optional!

The Crosby Granger team expressed how useful the training had been and how it had given them the tools to be able to start thinking about how and where renewables could fit into existing and future projects. They have already been in touch to request further info on a small air source heat pump for a church development and we have been able to advise them further on this.

If you would like us to come and carry out some CPD activities at your company, please do get in touch and we would be happy to make arrangements with you. We can tailor the training and case studies for the particular building types that you work on and if there is anything specific you need to know, we will try our best to accommodate. It’s all part of getting renewables into the mainstream and making everyone aware that they can work brilliantly, given the right situation, the right advice and careful development. Call 07813 069940 or or >>click here<< to contact us through our website.