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We provide professional engineering design expertise for commercial and industrial renewable energy system projects. Our key focus is on commercial and industrial biomass boilers and water source heat pumps using the ground, lakes, rivers and sewage heat recovery as heat sources. The design and specification of biomass CHP and other niche technologies is also offered along with district heating and cooling network design and development.

We exist to win the respect of customers by delivering high quality, innovative designs, drawings and models.
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Expert advice on water source heat pumps and biomass boilers,district heat schemes and the RHI scheme.

    • General advice and support
    • Site surveys
    • Technical Feasibility Studies
    • Best Fit Technology Section
    • Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Applications

    • Concept and Detailed System Design
    • Plant Room Design
    • 2D Drawings and 3D Models
    • Technical Specifications for Tendering

Latest Case Studies


August 2019

National Trust Barn Conversions

We were pleased to be asked to quote for the design of low carbon heating solutions for several National Trust-owned barns and things got better when we won the contract in August 2019. The National Trust is investing in many of its barns and buildings that are in a precarious position fabric-wise in order to bring them back into use, protecting them for future generations to enjoy. Most of the barns are off the gas grid and to avoid the use of oil, LPG or direct electric heating, air source heat pumps were to be deployed at three of the barns.

After a rainy site visit on a typical English summer’s day, we provided the following services as part of the contract:

 ➡ Heat loss calculations on each building to find the peak heat load and heat pump size

 ➡ Performance specification for the heat pump, thermal store, hot water distribution and underfloor heating

 ➡ Location of the heat pump, taking into account available external space, building aesthetics and proximity to internal water cylinders and underfloor heating manifolds

 ➡ General arrangement drawing of each property.

The performance specifications and drawings will be used to allow installers to quote for the supply and installation of the heat pumps and ancillary equipment.

Great to be making low carbon heating inroads with this well-known and forward-thinking charity who are ensuring the protection of the past whilst not compromising our future.


July 2019

Llantrisant Biomass Boiler

Infinitas Design was pleased to be asked to support iGen Renewables with the heat distribution design for a new 3.8MWth biomass boiler plant at a large warehouse building in Llantrisant, South Wales. The building, housing multiple businesses, had been heated with a mixture of direct gas-fired overhead heaters and small distributed gas boilers. As the building was undergoing major refurbishment, it was the perfect time to review and renew the overall heating system with a central boiler system generating low carbon heat.

Our role in the project was to design the pipework, heat emitters and valving arrangements to take heat from the biomass boilers around the various sub-units to provide heat to the individual spaces. Each space needed to be controlled separately depending on the tenant and the use of the space. We also carried out the heat loss calculations to define the heat loss in each sub-unit, enabling the heat emitters to be sized correctly.

A key design feature was the use of multiple low loss headers distributed around the building resulting in heating zones and the ability to route lots of different sizes of pipework to the different sub-units along the route. Of particular importance was the ability to then use much smaller pumps rather than one or two very large pumps to serve the entire building. Although many circulation pumps were required as a result, the costs of pumping will be much reduced, especially as variable speed pumps were used.

Typical external and internal photos

Water to air heaters to provide the required heat output to each sub-unit. The whole scheme is eligible for the non-domestic RHI scheme, which will continue to pay a quarterly income based on heat consumed for 20 years.



Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Applications

The non-domestic RHI is a government scheme intended to increase the uptake of renewable heat projects in the UK. It provides a tariff for heat generation from biomass boilers, heat pumps, biogas boilers and biomethane, which are known as eligible technologies.

The current and historic non-domestic RHI tariffs can be seen in the chart below. Once approved, the scheme pays out on a quarterly basis and payments are guaranteed for 20 years. You are paid on the amount of heat you produce each quarter.

As the scheme is quite technical, Infinitas Design Ltd can take on the application on your behalf. We will undertake every aspect of the application and will support you right through to application approval:

  • Site visit
  • Document collection & photos
  • RHI heat loss assessment (HLA)
  • RHI compliant schematic
  • Letter of Authorisation

  • Independent Metering Reports
  • Compliant heat meter advice
  • Application completion and submission
  • All Ofgem queries during approval process
  • Seasonal Performance Factor calculation for heat pump projects

We are also happy to pick up half-finished RHI applications or just one or two of the aspects above to help you get to RHI approval.



Laura Bishop created Infinitas Design to be able to do what she does best… using her design expertise and experience to help others find the right energy solution.

Laura Bishop -Renewable Energy Heat System Design Consultant Derbyshire

Laura has spent over 14 years’ working for blue chip companies including Bombardier Transportation, Rolls Royce Fuel Cell Systems, Babcock Intec and E.ON Connecting Energies. As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with the IMechE and a BSc in Computer Aided Product Design, Laura has also completed a MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology.

With a passion for delivering green solutions, Laura has led a number of projects including; working on PV design for social housing, large scale ground source heat pumps for heating and cooling and developing the biomass boiler product which E.ON sold as part of its funded distributed heating solutions for commercial and industrial clients.

Laura is also experienced in leading research projects into the use of waste wood in smaller biomass boilers and the development of biomass CHP system. With an extensive network of contacts, Laura can deliver pricing and support information for a project of any size.

With a keen interest in the future of engineering, Laura plays an active role as a STEM ambassador and regularly goes into schools to encourage young people to consider a career in engineering.

Contact Laura at Infinitas Design for advice on your renewable energy solutions.


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